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My Name is Syed Mohammad Hadi (S.M. Hadi) nickname “Tiger” Aged 10-year (26 days less) Grade 4 (was not able to finish it). I had a genetic disease called “Fanconi Anemia”. I have been in so much pain and had so many health complications as my both bone marrow transplant got failed, but I did not give up on my dad and fought like a warrior because I made pinky promised with him, to not leave him alone in this world, but somehow things were not in our favour and I left this world on Dec 15, 2021, after staying more than 6 months in hospital.

Moreover, I am an energetic, charming, funny, loving, and compassionate soul and I like to make jokes and laugh like crazy. My dad watched my suffering and crying so closely, and it motivated him to stop genetic diseases’ transmission in future generations. Please join our team and work with us to prevent genetic diseases and non-genetic defects in kids.

S.M. HADI GDPC’s vision is to bring healthy babies into the world by preventing genetic diseases transmitting to future generations. The goal of creating a healthy environment for kids is easier said than done. The parents have a huge responsibility when their kids born with genetic disorder. It is important to do genetic testing and genetic counselling before getting married. If you are at risk (carrier or affected) of passing down disorder to your potential unborn babies. The necessary knowledge is required to identify your risks and options before it become late.

  • Stop now before you cry
  • God has given us chances to prevent disease transmission in our next generations.
  • Prevention is always better than treatment.
  • To create genetic diseases and non-genetic defects awareness in public.
  • By prevention of genetic disorder in future generation by providing genetic testing and counselling.

The Genetics and GDPC is equipped to offer genetic testing and screening for couples trying to get pregnant. We will analyze the DNA of both partners to check for any abnormalities. If any abnormality is detected, the couple will be advised accordingly to avoid any occurrence of these disorders in the future.

S.M. HADI GDPC’s mission is to

  • Create various awareness campaigns about genetic diseases and non-genetic defects, their risks, impacts on unborn kids and parents.
  • To identify or perform screening of carrier or affected spouses
  • To prevent genetic diseases by doing early diagnose before getting married.
  • Aims to educate people about the importance of genetic testing and genetic counselling.

Genetic diseases are conditions that are caused by changes in your DNA. These changes can increase your risk of certain diseases or make you more likely to have a child with a certain condition. There are many ways to reduce your risk of a genetic condition, like staying fit, eating a healthy diet, and avoiding smoking and alcohol. Talking to a doctor or genetic counsellor about your family history and risk factors for certain diseases can help you identify ways to reduce your risk of transferring genetic disorder to your future generations.

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