Genetic Counselling

Genetic counseling is a medical service that helps people understand their risk of inherited conditions. It usually happens when someone has genetic testing. Genetic counseling involves talking, while genetic testing can tell you what your genes say about your health. Genetic counselors help people understand and manage the risk of inherited conditions. They offer confidential, neutral, professional advice to people with a family history of a genetic condition and those who want to become parents. It’s also beneficial for anyone planning to have kids shortly and wants to know their risks.

Genetic counseling is important because it can help you make informed decisions about your health and the health of your future children. It can also help you cope if you are diagnosed with a genetic condition. Genetic counseling allows you to ask questions about the condition and your risk of getting it. It can also help you decide when to have genetic testing, what to do with the results, and how to support yourself and your family through the process. It can also help you decide whether to have kids.

If you are diagnosed with an inherited condition, you may want to make special arrangements for your future children’s health. You may choose not to have kids or have genetic testing or in-vitro fertilization (IVF) to decrease the risk of passing a serious condition on to your children.

Types of Genetic Counseling

Pre-test genetic counseling – This happens before you take a genetic test. You can also use this time to ask questions and decide if you want to get tested.

Post-test genetic counseling happens after you take a genetic test and get your results. You and your family members may need support as you process the information and decide what to do next.

Prenatal genetic counseling happens when a woman finds out she is pregnant and has or plans to have a genetic test.

Ongoing genetic counseling happens when you have an inherited condition or pass it on to your kids.

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