Sexual Transmit Diseases

April 26, 2022Comments Off on Sexual Transmit Diseases

STDs are diseases transmitted from one person to another by vaginal, anal, or oral intercourse. They're quite prevalent, and many individuals with them have no symptoms. STDs may cause major health concerns if left untreated. However, being tested isn't a huge issue, and most STDs are simple to cure. Although...

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Old Age Marriage

April 26, 2022Comments Off on Old Age Marriage

The one of the main concerns is when someone gets married at old age, how it impacts the newborn kids' health, e.g., down syndrome and other diseases which could happen because of the old age. The first impact of old marriage is the increased risk of Down Syndrome in the...

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Low Nutrition

April 26, 2022Comments Off on Low Nutrition

Nutrition plays a critical role in keeping our bodies healthy, but it's even more important when trying to conceive and during pregnancy. Your unborn child is entirely reliant on you for proper nutrition. A mother’s diet can impact her unborn child’s health and future disease risk. Whether you are planning...

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Family Stress

April 26, 2022Comments Off on Family Stress

Stress is a normal part of life. Everyone experiences stress from time to time. When stress becomes chronic and negatively affects your everyday life, it becomes a problem. It’s natural to worry about your unborn child when you’re expecting. After all, there are so many things that can go wrong.When...

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Fertility Test

April 26, 2022Comments Off on Fertility Test

Preparing to start a family is one of the most precious moments. Often, couples will try to have children as early as possible and plan for it. However, many find it challenging to conceive. Non-genetic fertility issues have nothing to do with your genes. Instead, they’re linked to your reproductive...

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